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Many businesses consider insurance to be an unnecessary expense for employees who travel locally and abroad. However, without the right protection your business could suffer considerable financial loss when unforeseen events like accidents, lost luggage, natural disasters, theft and travel delays happen.

Insurance for work-related travel can be provided under a corporate travel policy purchased by the business. The policy will also cover all private leisure travel for Directors, CEO, CFO, COO and Company Secretary of the Company and their accompanying spouse/partner and dependent children.

Policies generally cover a wide range of events whether they happen before, during or after the trip. Consider an employee who falls ill before the date of departure and has to cancel their business trip. Without insurance, your company could lose its deposit, or even the full cost of the trip including any pre-booked transport and accommodation.

If you have employees travelling either domestically or internationally for work then speak to Austbrokers SPT about finding a policy that best suits your company’s needs and budget. Our staff are qualified to advise on all aspects of corporate travel insurance including coverage, benefits and standard inclusions.

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