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We live in a world where companies, even smaller sized ones, are conducting business across national borders. For companies with an international presence, understanding the rules relating to insurance in foreign countries can be an unfamiliar, daunting and complex task.

As a member of the global insurance broker network, UNiBA Partners, we can work with our overseas counterparts to support your risk management, insurance buying and employee benefits needs worldwide.

At Austbrokers SPT we have relationships with wholesale brokers and underwriters offshore including in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Americas. These brokers and underwriters use their local knowledge and expertise to establish insurance programmes that protect our clients’ overseas exposures. Typically, these programmes involve purchasing local policies in each country where the business operates or creating a master policy with difference in conditions or difference in limits coverage over and above the local policies.

Sourcing an insurer with international capabilities, negotiating the best coverage and reviewing risk exposures also forms part of the global insurance programme.

For more information or to discuss your existing global insurance policies please contact Austbrokers SPT or submit a quotation request form.