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Insurance is complex. There are a multitude of policies on the market designed to protect your assets and interests against a wide variety of risks. For most, determining which policy to take out that best suits your personal and business needs can be a daunting task.


Similarly, once a policy is in force it is important to review it on a regular basis, especially a policy you may not have looked at for some time. If you have acquired more equipment for your business for example, you may need to increase your sum insured to avoid underinsurance. Or, if you are renewing a car insurance policy and have started using it for business purposes, you have a duty of disclosure to tell your insurer about it. Sometimes you will need less coverage, sometimes you will need more – an insurance review is something that can go a long way to protecting you, your assets and financial situation.


An important aspect of the insurance review process is analysing the risks that can adversely impact you or your business. Risks can come from many sources including natural risks like flood, operational risks like business interruption and political risks like terrorism. Your Austbrokers SPT broker will review the risks affecting you and recommend a solution to safeguard against them.


We offer this service on a cost-free no obligation basis because we know the value it provides our clients and future customers. Please contact our office to discuss your insurance program or to request a review for another perspective on how to manage your insurable risks.