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Risk is a part of life and can arise for many reasons – natural disasters, machinery breakdown, injuries through workplace hazards or terrorist activities to name a few. Having a risk management plan that identifies potential risks to you or your business with strategies to control them may help to reduce insurance claims and premiums.


At Austbrokers SPT we provide advice to help our clients minimise the frequency and severity of loss. We do this by identifying risks and recommending measures to control them. The resulting risk management plan will often include a combination of strategies, such as managing the risk and transferring it via insurance.


When transferring risk to insurance your Austbrokers SPT broker has the expertise to help you take out the right policy. Rather than treating insurance premiums as an expense, we look to use this as an opportunity to influence a change in the way risk is managed. Moreover, we regard risk management as an ongoing process and our service also includes periodic reviews or when there are changes in your activities.


Please contact Austbrokers SPT for further information about our risk management services.