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Not only can Austbrokers SPT look after your needs within Australia, we can also handle your needs offshore.


We are a member of the global insurance broker network, UNIBA Partners, which was founded over 20 years ago to provide insurance buyers worldwide with an alternative solution for their international insurance needs.


At Austbrokers SPT we understand there are many risks facing a business and no one can monitor them all across multiple countries. Legal, cultural, economic, fiscal and social factors all change constantly, subtly or sometimes dramatically, changing the risk picture in each country. The best insight into these ever changing conditions comes from local sources.


As a  long standing UNIBA member we can work with our overseas counterparts to support your risk management, insurance buying and employee benefits needs – regardless of where your exposures may be located.  For more information or to discuss your insurance needs abroad please contact Austbrokers SPT.

Source: UNiBA Partners